Agent: Gruen

represents photographers, imaging designers and multimedia artists.

As a link between clients and creatives, we take responsibility for calculation, coordination and communication with one aim: perfectly created shots.
Based in the southern part of Germany, we carefully choose the artists we work with. Everyone has a unique style and all of them are experts in their field. Some are well known creative forces with an excellent reputation for years in the business.
Besides, we have a focus on highly talented young creatives with fresh and unseen ideas. Both, client and young talent, find an experienced partner with Agent: Gruen at their service.
We care about your production as much as you like to. If you look for the matching talent to a given setup or you like to have everything arranged from the beginning of your ideas. A constantly growing network of reliable, global operating production partners opens a wide range of possibilities.

Michael Erik Grün

Born in 1968, Michael got in touch with professional photography in the late 80's. While studying communication design, he constantly worked as an assistant for several established photographers in Germany. Working then as a photographer on its own and as studio manager and representative for a well known car shooting studio, he got his experience in international photo productions. In 2012 he founded Agent: Gruen.

and a great instinct for appropriateness.

How we think

Communication and understanding is essential for our business. We try to understand and translate different languages of everyone involved in a production process. Where seen as adequate we act balancing.
Smiling faces everywhere is the goal - experience and respect helps us to reach it.

Frank und Steff

New Work from Frank und Steff


We love what we do. We love to work with people who love what they do.
We like it, when you like what we like. That's how we create fun. Important in an environment that is affected by cost and time efficiency.


We have a strong belief in open minded and credible business conduct.
In every matter you will find us in respect for you and your requests.

What we do

There is a lot. Due to our experience and curiousity we feel capable of understanding what your needs and demands for a photo production are. That is to say:

Agent: Gruen photographers have worked for

Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ducati, Sony, Voith, BASF, Deutsche Bank, MTV, O2, and many more industrial and fashion clients. As well as for advertising agencies, architects, artists, musicians and magazines.


Agent: Grün - Andreas Burz

Andreas Burz

Cars / CGI / Landscape / People

Agent: Grün - Susanne Wegner

Susanne Wegner

Architecture / Industry / Landscape

Agent: Grün - Nikolaus Gruenwald

Nikolaus Gruenwald

Urban / People / Land

Agent: Grün - Sven Cichowicz

Sven Cichowicz

Portrait / Fashion / Travel

Agent: Grün - Claus Rudolph

Claus Rudolph

Scenic Tableaux / Portrait / People

Agent: Grün - Uwe Ditz

Uwe Ditz

Stories / Faces / Architecture

Agent: Grün - Frank und Steff

Frank Und Steff

Fashion / People / Artwork

Agent: Grün - Home

Stephan Zirwes

Aerial Images / Visual Artist and Designer

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